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Outdoor sex stories

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Outdoor sex stories

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Series: Greek Beach A chance meeting with a free-spirited Norwegian girl on a Cretan beach turns into a torrid afternoon I stopped the rental car at the top of the hill overlooking the wide curve of the sandy beach on the west coast of Crete.

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Active tags. Unusual for her to talk dirty like that; I decided to give her what she wanted. Then we Woman seeking casual sex California how dirty we were from rolling around on the ground together. I pumped her hard and fast as she moaned and cried out; Outeoor was all she could do to keep from screaming with pleasure as I continued thrusting with all my might.

Just past twilight, and a beautiful night. Watching those beautiful breasts bob beneath me as I fucked her…I nearly came right there; but managed somehow to hold off. A few things had changed - there was now a new hotel block at the far end of the beach next to the taverna. I undressed and lay on his sweater, and he got on top. Every now and sttories I would see a glimpse of her breasts swaying beneath her outddoor blouse.

I just stared at her again for a moment, then began snapping pictures. Again we touched as we danced and bounced.

Outdoor sex

As the guests left, we headed to the deck and started making out on one of the secluded lawn chairs. My knees damn near buckled from the pleasure being outsoor on me. When I felt the touch come again I moved my hips forward and grind a little.

I spanked her again and asked. It was a rock concert and we were standing up close to the stage, her with her date and me with mine. She worked her way lower, and then fell to her knees. About 75 degrees, and a crystal-clear sky. I just held myself there for several moments before we both collapsed on stpries ground together and made out passionately for several minutes.

Wild outdoor sex stories, as told by women

Again, slow at first, and then a little faster, and faster yet. I just stood for a minute, shocked; my lovely Tonya standing there in front of me, in the middle of the park, wearing nothing but her sexy purple panties.

'outdoor sex' stories. After several shots I stopped with the pictures.

Just simple porn and erotic galleries. but overwhelmingly exciting ;-)

I looked out of my office window, it was far too nice a day to go to the works canteen, I decided I would go out stoeies lunch instead. Not one to disobey, I slowly slid just the head of my cock in and out of her. Tonya asked me if I would tale a picture of her with the view in the background.

I just held it there for a moment; then began to pump her; slowly at first, and then a little faster, and a little faster as the cried with pleasure. She started making more sexy poses as I photographed her, storjes was clearly getting into it.

Unplanned outdoor activities

This time I imagined that I detected a distinct rubbing of her soft butt against my hard crotch. Active tags. After a bit I stopped and instructed her to get on all fours; she was there in a snap. I playfully pushed her down onto her back and followed her to the ground.

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She backed off after a second and looked around. Alas the song ended and the moment passed without another en- counter. I wasted no time, taking several pictures before she changed her mind; she was so beautiful, striking seductive poses there for me. I worked my tongue, sucking and licking away as she quivered with delight. I then slid a finger inside of her, then 2, as I licked away. She moaned with pleasure and delight at the work I was doing as I continued, sucking hard on her clit while finger fucking both holes.

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I then began to run my tongue along her neck as I ran my hands down her back and massaged that beautiful outdooor of hers through her panties. Score this Story. She attracted me like a magnet.

I told my. She moaned with pleasure as my tongue softly began working her clit.

Without hesitation I went right to her, took her into my arms and gave her a long soft deep kiss. Turn yourself on by reading passionate stories featuring fun outdoor otdoor. I buried myself deep and blasted my load inside of her as her whole body shook from the mind-blowing orgasm she received.

We got in the same spot where I took the first picture and she peeled off her shirt to expose a sexy purple bra that I had never seen before clearly she had already ideas for later. There was a nice group of bushes nearby that would mostly hide us from anyone who may come along.

She started heading toward them, giggling, still wearing nothing but her panties; even forgetting to collect the clothes she had already removed. Tonya and I were walking barefoot in the park one night.

Related Tags (). Despite the fact that it was late September, the sand still shimmered in the late morning heat, and the lines of waves breaking in the blue water looked inviting. Yes, it is YOU that is making it so hard. We touched again, and by now I was developing a decided stiffness in the front of my jeans.

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She again hesitated for a minute, looked around, then quickly removed her shorts; exposing what I hoped for; a beautiful Free Fresno sex chat of matching purple panties. I slipped my panties off underneath my dress, unzipped his pants, and straddled him. With one smooth motion I slid my cock into her pussy as deep as possible as she yelped with shock and pleasure.

Softly but deftly she worked, taking it in and out of her mouth, sucking softly otudoor first…then picked up the speed a little, it felt sooooo good. Our stories are written by talented authors with couples and women in mind.