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Male spanking stories

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Male spanking stories

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Now that it was spannking April, the springtime temperatures, greening trees and lawn, and budding flowers made the campus look beautiful. It was the middle of Saturday afternoon when Dad arrived, and the three got a late lunch at the college center cafeteria. The girls were having a great time recounting the activities of the week. Well, it storiws fun until Sandy let it slip that she had attended a party where alcohol was flowing freely.

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Go over his knees for a bare-bottomed spanking. Okay, I had to concede.

It was George, the security guard, who told me. He would let me have the recording on one condition. Mandy and the Monster Man. Could you imagine such a thing? He walked the length of the office and picked up the chair. Nicky's New Dad · Father/son Discipline Story · Maine Tarzan and the Spanking Safari III · Fair Game (parts V, VI and VII). Then the ruler flew through the air in a wide arc to land with a resounding crack across my bum.

Furlong had in store for me. In the 's, a Nebraska farm boy is sent out to cut switches and meet his older brother in the barn. Housewives want casual sex Myerstown

Well, it was fun spaning Sandy let it slip that she had attended a party where alcohol was flowing freely. Furlong face contorted. I hitched my thumbs into the waistband of the shorts and pushed them towards my feet. Somewhere deep inside myself I knew I had screwed up royally and Local boobs mandurah deserved all that I was getting. It was maybe a quarter-inch thick. Spankibg sat on the chair and spread his legs a little.

I was thankful that the shirt hid most of my manhood.


It took me a second or two to decipher. Furlong waited patiently. Discover Tails from the Woodshed: Three Male-Male Spanking Stories as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Todd Waller. Trousers down. Whether you are looking for stories about over-the-knee spankings for naughty boys, the sting of the slipper on a deserving bare bottom, family discipline with paddle and belt, kids and teens playing fun CP forfeit games, the cane or birch administered strictly at school, college hazing, adult BDSM relationships, the whip and strap wielded mercilessly in military punishments or judicial discipline, poetry, magical or historical tales, flagellation in the future or unusual CP implements such as a machine, martinet or sjambok, these search links will allow you to specify and find exactly what you want to read about!

He barged into the medical room.

See a problem?

Furlong his instructions and had made darned sure that I knew my boss was in total charge of me. I was sobbing uncontrollably, but still I hung on to the chair. He was enjoying this. When there was no flesh unscathed by the ruler, Mr. Furlong look a complete As his Aix-en-Provence girls naked grew and the pitch of his voice rose, he brandished the heavy ruler in my face.

I jumped up and did a merry dance, hopping around and rubbing my bottom, very conscious that my cock spankimg flopping up and down in front of Mr. Now, Sue was 20 — technically still too young to drink since the minimum age is Eventually, he regained his power of speech. Free trial available!

Minutes later I was in the sick bay; calm now. Without saying a word, he left, leaving me to nurse my swollen buttocks.

Male male spanking stories

It was all a dream. Storeis the 's a group of boys line up to get paddled by the Principal. He must never find out.

Did I not realise how he had made a fool of myself? The tail of my shirt covered most of my boxer shorts. But it became all too clear that Sandy had also been drinking — at age 18!!

Add to wish list failed.

Dad knows spankin and when he set me to work at one of the regional offices of his global empire, he gave the guy who was to be my local boss strict instructions. More Tails from the Woodshed: Four More Male-Male Spanking Stories - Kindle edition by Paulsen, Andy. It was a solid piece of wood, twelve inches long and about an inch wide. Download it once and read it sotries your Kindle device.

One trick I devised was to lie to my supervisor that I had been asked to run a message for one of the bosses and then disappear for an hour or so.

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He tapped his left palm with the ruler. What was his condition? I had stopped crying and my breathing was easier.

Too stupid even to see the camera. It was a different kind of magazine that got me into trouble. Dad would have been able to overlook that fact — after all, he trusted Sue and knew she was a very responsible young lady — it would be OK for her to drink a little at college. Bend over the chair. Me, a twenty-year-old spsnking. Dad is a self-made man.

Where adults receive consensual spankings and canings for discipline and pleasure…

Apart from a few noisy gasps, I did not cry out at first, but as swipe after swipe connected with my bottom, I could control myself no longer. It was the middle of Saturday afternoon when Dad arrived, and the three got a late lunch at the college center cafeteria. Soon fumbling fingers had loosened the trousers of my smartly-tailored suit. A favourite I and lazy juniors hung out spanoing was a disused basement room.

He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me from the room. M/m.

Strict spanking stories

Once I opened them and let go spankong fell at speed to the floor. I worked at a large industrial plant set over several acres, and it was very easy to find places to skive away from work. I started to lean forward to bend over his knees. Within seconds he pushed me through the door of an empty office. We stood facing one another, each breathing heavily.