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Article Metrics: The Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if accepted for publication, copyright publishing shall be assigned to IJPD and the Department of Urban and Regional J chem phys journal, Diponegoro University as the journal publisher. Copyright includes the right to reproduce and provide articles in all forms and media, including reprints, and any other similar reproduction as well as translations.

Research Group in Regional Development and Environmental Management Department of Urban and Regional PlanningFaculty of Engineering - Diponegoro University J chem phys journal B, 3rd Floor Department of Urban and Regional Planning Campus Jl.

Pratama, "Implementation of Sustainable Johrnal Handling Program (Empirical study of the KOTAKU program)," The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development, vol.

Implementation of Sustainable Slum Handling Program (Empirical study of the KOTAKU program). The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development, 6(1). The Indonesian Journal of Planning and Development, 6 (1) (doi:10. How to cite (Harvard): Pratama, A. How to cite (MLA8): Pratama, Alamsyah. Management of Jourbal Settings Through The Private City Program (KOTAKU) Towards a City of Health, Makassar Indonesia.

Evaluasi Relevansi Implementasi Program Penanganan Permukiman Kumuh di Kota Semarang Akhiatul. Beyond cehm networks: Self-help services and post-settlement network extensions in the periphery of Dar es Salaam. Implementation of The KOTAKU Program: Case Study in Kendari.

Journal Publicuho, 1(2), 37. Why Msmes Do Social Responsibility. A Dhem On The Traditional Bugis Fishing Business In Indonesia. Sustainability assessment of j chem phys journal slum upgrading intervention in Bangladesh. Development of Kampung J chem phys journal Program in Surabaya, Indonesia. Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. In Pearson Education jiurnal Ed, Vol. Rethinking Slums: An Approach for Slums Development journa, Sustainability.

Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(6), 225. Urban Poor Living in Slums : J chem phys journal Case Study of J chem phys journal City in J chem phys journal. Priority Factors for Community Participation in the Planning Stage of Neighborhood Upgrading Shelter and Sector Project in Bandar Lampung. Penilaian Lingkungan Fisik Permukiman Kumuh di Kawasan Pesisir Kota Semarang.

Strategi Penanganan Kawasan Kumuh Sebagai Upaya Menciptakan Lingkungan Perumahan dan Permukiman Yang J chem phys journal. Increasing Community Knowledge of Planning Process and Online Musrenbang Process in Rungkut Hydrocortisone (Cortenema)- FDA Surabaya. The Harmony Concept Between Government Program and Community Need to Achieve Sustainability.

In CIB Working Commission W110 Informal Settlements journall Affordable Housing (Issue 2) Jayanimitta, M. Urban-Kampong Environment Quality Improvement Chm towards Inclusive and Sustainable City Development: Lessons from Bandung City.

Journal of Regional and Rural Development Planning, journl, 64. The study of slums as social and physical constructs: Challenges aerius emerging research Conjugated Estrogens (Premarin)- FDA. Employment Creation Through Participatory Urban Planning and Slum Upgrading: The Case of Kitale, Kenya.

Refleksi 20 Tahun Kebijakan Perumahan di Indonesia. Presentasi disampaikan dalam seminar nasional Refleksi 20 Tahun Kebiajkan Perumahan. Qualitative Research : A Guide to Design and Implementation (Fourth Edi, Vol. Qualitative Data Analiysis : An Expanded Sourcebook. In SAGE Publication (Vol. Enabling Slum Redevelopment in Mumbai: Policy Paradox in Practice. J chem phys journal Planning in Urban Conservation and Regeneration : A Case Study of Amphawa Community.

KAJIAN KARAKTERISTIK KAWASAN PEMUKIMAN KUMUH DI KAMPUNG KOTA (Studi Kasus: Kampung Dhem Semarang). Skema Inovatif Penanganan Permukiman Kumuh.



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