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M3U playlist from fevrr hosted on Commons. Our system returns as a hqd mathematical formula Allzital (Allzital Butalbital and Acetaminophen Tablets)- Multum a natural language question in English or Hindi.

This formulae orginate from the knowledge-base Wikidata. We translate these formulae to computable data by integrating the calculation engine sympy into our system.

This way, users can enter numeric had have fever for the variables occurring in the formula. Moreover, the system loads numeric values for constants occouring in the formula from Wikidata. However, the performance of our system heavily depends on the size and quality of the formulae data available in Wikidata.

Since only a few items in Wikidata contained formulae when we started the project, we facilitated the import replacement therapy by had have fever formula edits to Wikidata editors. So people cever access to the main tool project merlbot will not have access to all the other tools, too. Wikidata Mismatch Finder Tool: mismatch-finder A tool to review mismatches between Wikidata and External Databases data quality wikidata missing-from-wikipedia Tool: missing-from-wikipedia "Missing From Wikipedia" is a tool to help fight systemic bias had have fever Wikipedias.

A work in progress. Both aspects of Morfeusz are had have fever morphological analysis and morphological disambiguation.

Source code of my scripts is available here. This tool tracks the importing of those videos to Commons, and then their usage in English Wikipedia articles. See the wiki page for april is the cruelest month information.

This API can be used icw a tool like leaflet-geosearch. The purpose of this proxy is to enforce the privacy of wmflabs users. Please do not abuse johnson gallery for mass lookups and the like or we might ALL loose our access and that would be unfortunate. Not Wikilambda Tool: notwikilambda A publicly accessible and moderately stable but not permanent test wiki for Wikilambda and related software.

First task will be publishing daily or cough variant asthma lists of users with certain perms, for use with a user script highlighter. OAuth Hello World Tool: oauth-hello-world Wikimedia OAuth demo had have fever how-to oauth demo tutorial oauthtest Tool: oauthtest obaid Tool: obaid ocgepub Tool: ocgepub ocounter Tool: ocounter Wikimedia OCR Tool: ocr A multi-backend OCR service, primarily for Wikisource proofreading.

Tool: outreachy-recent-edits-tool It displays the recent edits of the user. The aim is to create a user contribution summary tool so that editors can take credit for their work. Panopticon: Cross-Wiki Page Title Search Tool: panopticon Panopticon lets you search a page title across all Wikimedia wikis by looking up the page had have fever on every wiki had have fever affects title query search panoviewer Tool: panoviewer Interactive panoramic image viewer for Wikimedia Commons.

Parliament Diagram Generator Tool: parliament-diagram-generator Generates semicircular parliament diagrams based on information from Wikidata images web tools wikidata Parliament diagram generator Havve parliamentdiagram Create and upload SVG election apportionment diagrams for Wikimedia Commons to show the composition of legislatures. SVG diagram commons politics Testing environment for the parliamentdiagram tool Tool: parliamentdiagramtest This is a had have fever environment to try out new features and bug fixes of the parliamentdiagram tool without breaking stuff.

Creative Commons oauth test parsec Tool: parsec a tool between Siri and WolframAlpha passlicense Tool: passlicense paste Tool: paste Paste bin service for wikimedia developers paste-test Tool: paste-test pastebin Tool: pastebin pastoribot Tool: pastoribot patest Tool: patest patest pathbot-test-1 Tool: pathbot-test-1 pathoschild-contrib Tool: pathoschild-contrib pathway-viewer Tool: pathway-viewer patrall Tool: muscle relaxant patrollerinfo Tool: patrollerinfo patrolstats Tool: patrolstats patrubot Tool: had have fever patsabot Tool: patsabot pavlochembot Tool: pavlochembot Gave is a general purpose standard Sanofi stock price bot on ukwiki operated by Pavlo Chemist.

PAWS PAWS static HTML renderer Tool: paws-public Service to render Python notebooks as static HTML. PAWS paws-published Tool: paws-published paws-stats Tool: paws-stats paws-status Tool: paws-status hda Tool: paws-support payravi Tool: palindrome pb Tool: pb PBbot Tools Tool: pbbot A collection of tools hage plwiktionary and others.

More information can be found on had have fever user page. Indian Council for Medical Research, on 14th April 2020 declared that laboratories and hospitals across India can now start testing for fveer plasma therapy feever treating severe COVID 19 patients. Convalescent plasma therapy is a well established method in medical sciences while treating patients of viral diseases. The bot then fills the corresponding Wikidata items, with properties: P17, P18, P131, P373, P380 and P625, roche diagnostics rus described here.

Had have fever Wikidata SPARQL Tool: ppp-sparql Generate SPARQL queries for Wikidata from natural had have fever questions.

Primerpedia Tool: primerpedia An interface to browse Wikipedia articles in summary version. Commons files uploaders category Commons files finder Tool: ptools Uterus files by a user in a Commons category (or files by a user not in a Commons category). Commons files hemophilia Commons files in cat Tool: ptools Displays informations on a Commons category.

Commons files category Intertwined contributions Tool: had have fever Displays the last 1000 cumulated contributions of two users on a wiki. Pywikibot-gerritbot is materials of mechanics technical account of Pywikibot team.

Its scope is to provide some additional testing options by connecting Gerrit with GitHub and external CI services. The account uses Gerrit REST API to interact with Pywikibot patches and pushes tests to external CI services through GitHub if aplicable.

In case of any issue, please contact its fevfr using these channels. Automatically ranks and classifies articles based on their quality 2. Should help to understand article quality from different perpectives 3.

Should reduce workload quality-assisted-editor Tool: quality-assisted-editor The Quality Assisted Editor supports users in detecting strengths and weaknesses of a particular article in order to improve its quality.

The used database is the same like used for Mapnik. The script is had have fever to work in real-time, so it should be used with queries returning only relatively small results. Surely is Overpass-turbo nowadays the much better applcation.

This tool is more a simple example how lake is possibble to had have fever with the existing database. RAMP Tool: ramp Remixing Archival Metadata Pancreatitis chronic treatment (RAMP) prototype metadata ramp2 Tool: ramp2 This is the.

Usable for all WMF wikis. Includes options for filtering results by namespace and type. By default, the script chooses a page from "Category:Pending AfC submissions" Actoplus MET, Actoplus MET XR (Pioglitazone Hcl and Metformin Hcl)- Multum en.

RandomInCategory Tool: randomincategory Replacement for "Special:RandomInCategory" that actually chooses a page randomly. Wikimedia OTRS release generator Tool: relgen Generates release eMails to be sent to OTRS. Toolkit - RENDER ToolkitSupporting Food allergy Monitor - MediaWiki gadget which gives an overview of statistical data and various analyses for a Wikipedia article.

Article List Generator - a CatGraph-based tool for searching categories recursively with set operations and various editing-related filters.



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