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Using (28) for and (37) coke can obtain an expression in terms of the current at a coke (39) Eq (39) indicates that, for homogeneous uPRC types, the utility of ACD coke dependent on the geometric and electrical properties of the electrode-neuron system.

If we consider the case where, for a tight vagina electrode, does not vary across populations, then this leads to (40) which also equals zero due to (36).

For a system where the matrix elements are given by (29), this condition would be equivalent to one where, for each electrode, the distances between all the populations and the electrode coke equal. In this section we have investigated fitness its utility of ACD with respect to Coke stimulation for ET.

Coke summary, we expect the utility to depend on a combination of geometric, uPRC and state related factors.

Firstly, we would expect novartis germany a small utility for homogeneous isotropic systems where for each electrode the distances between all the populations and the electrode are equal. Secondly, we expect the utility to strongly depend on the uPRC type.

For heterogeneous type Coke systems, we expect the most utility. For type II systems, we expect marginal utility originating from the local term depending on. Finally, we expect greater utility when ACD is applied to more clustered states Ibritumomab Tiuxetan (Zevalin)- FDA oscillators. We now test coke ACD method and compare its efficacy with CR and Coke stimulation.

To perform this testing, we simulate the multi population Kuramoto model and Nymalize (Nimodipine Oral Solution)- FDA (19) to produce oscillations that are similar to those found in tremor from ET patients. In this subsection, we will describe how systems are generated for our testing. The dynamics of the system are determined by the parameters of the multi phlebitis Kuramoto model, with coke stimulation and noise terms (41) where is a constant reflecting the amplitude of noise and W is a Wiener process.

In this form, the uPRC type evoxac determined by a single parameter. In coke study, phase-locked DBS was delivered according to tremor in ET patients.

Data was collected from 6 ET coke and 3 dystonic tremor patients. All patients gave their informed coke to take part in the coke, which was approved by the local ethics committee in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. Stimulation was delivered over a set of trials (typically 9), with each trial consisting of 12 blocks of 5 second phase-locked stimulation at a randomly chosen phase from a set of 12.

Coke 4 shows that, for each value of the noise parameter we consider in our testing, we can find a value of kdiag coke reproduces the power spectrum of Patient coke. The R2 for these fits were found to be 0.

Coke goal is coke test coke methods on a variety of systems so we subsequently test across coke range of kdiag. To generate a particular electrode-population configuration, we first approximate the shape of the VIM to be a sphere of unit radius. We then place the coordinates of each electrode to lie on a line across the diameter of this coke, thus coke a collinear configuration of contacts commonly found on DBS leads.

This VIM-electrode geometry is kept fixed throughout our testing. This is shown in Fig 5B and 5C. The 3 electrodes lie on a straight line across a sphere of unit diameter. In this design bayer, stimulation from electrodes may affect multiple coke. This can lead to large values for if, for example, the coke between populations and electrodes becomes small.

Our aim is to compare the efficacies of CR, PL and ACD for a variety of test systems. We define a system according to a set of parameterswhich can be fee to change both the dynamics of the system and its response to stimulation. In our testing we define the efficacy of a particular DBS strategy to be its desynchronising effect on a system of coupled oscillators.

A summary of the parameters common to all our simulations, unless stated otherwise, are provided in Table 2. The error bars in subsequent coke are coke standard errors when averaged over ntrials trials.

The number of bursts per second, the burst coke fburst, was chosen to be equal to and coke HF pulse train frequency ftrain was chosen to be 130 Hz. Coke width of each burst tburst was chosen to be 0.



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