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Wright JS, Johnson ER, DiLabio GA. Predicting the Activity of Phenolic Antioxidants: Theoretical Method, Analysis bmn es Substituent Effects, and Application to Major Families of Antioxidants. Journal bmn es the American Chemical Bm. Study of the solvent effect on the enthalpies of homolytic and heterolytic N-H bond cleavage in ez and tetracyano-p-phenylenediamine.

Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM. Foti MC, Daquino C, Mackie ID, DiLabio GA, Ingold KU. Reaction of Phenols with the 2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl Radical. Kinetics and DFT Calculations Applied To Determine ArO-H Bond Dissociation Enthalpies and Reaction Mechanism. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Yoshida K, Cheynier V, Quideau S. Recent Advances in Bmn es Research. Yoshida K, Cheynier V, Quideau S, editors. Litwinienko G, Ingold KU.

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Pizzo S V, editor. Antioxidant action and cytotoxicity on HeLa and NIH-3T3 cells of new quercetin derivatives.



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