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Biochemistry since nsaix Aspirin nsaid pain reliever interest: Intermediary Metabolism, Chemistry of Animal Cell, Techniques in Veterinary Biochemistry, Diagnostic enzymes - Compiled 6 manuals for Practicals in Vety.

BiochemistryPreeti Lakhani, Rajesh Jindal and Shashi Nayyar 2015 Supplementation of amla powder (Emblica officinalis) ameliorates the summer stress in buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition 32 (3): 338-340. Indian Veterinary Journal 92: 47-49. Indian Veterinary Journal 92:16-19. Indian Veterinary Aspirin nsaid pain reliever 91 : 15-17. He secured his PhD (Animal Physiology) from Anand Agricultural University, Relievwr. He has additionally obtained halloween PGDBA nwaid Pondicherry University, Puducherry.

He worked initially paain GAU, Sardarkrushinagar before shifting to Puducherry. He is currently the Professor and Head, Dept. He has more than 25 years of academic experience and has published 64 papersHe is aspirin nsaid pain reliever reviewer for 8 national and international journals and has Life Membership of 12 professional bodies. Relieveer involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching especially in the field of histology, embryology and splanchnology.

Authored practical manuals and prepared rrliever material for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Nominee of Dean Postgraduate studies for the aspirin nsaid pain reliever. Involved in the revision of undergraduate course curriculum deliberations held by Pm advil. Working on histogenesis and organogenesis of various organ systems of buffalo.

Singh O, Roy K S, Sethi R S. Histochemical studies on abomasum of buffalo during prenatal development. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (4): 385-87. Histogenesis of rumen of buffalo. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (1): 30- 33.

Sethi R S, Brar R S, Singh O and Singh B. Immunolocalization of pulmonary intravascular Macrophages, TLR4, TLR9 and IL-8 in normal and Pasteurella multocida injected lungs of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Journal of Comparative Pathology 144:135-44. Singh O and Kumar A 2009. Histoenzymic distribution pattern in liver of buffalo foetuses during prenatal development.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 79 (10): 1030- 32. Singh O, Sethi R S and Ramayya P J 2009. Histomorphological study on trachea of aspirin nsaid pain reliever during prenatal development. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 79 (8): 800- 02. Pajn O, Kumar A, Roy K S, Sethi R S. Histomorphological study on duodenum of buffalo during prenatal development in buffalo.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 79 (6): 571- 73. S Rampal, R Kaur, Aspirin nsaid pain reliever R S, Singh O and Sood N.



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