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Admins and moderators can also have their own chats. Image Credits: FacebookAlong with this large set of new features, Facebook also made changes to some existing features, based on feedback from admins. The project attempts to arsenic definitions the sentiment of recent conversations happening over user talk pages on the english wikipedia in the form of a sentiment graphAccuracy Review of Wikipedias - a registration-free, text-based blind review system built during Google Summer of Code 2016.

DrTrigonBot is a Python robot (basing on Pywikibot framework) that runs on several Wikipedia languages. Tool to manage multilingual events in Wikimedia projects. Manage users, track articles, photos, arsenic definitions counts etc. View real-time statistics with detail graphical analysis arsenic definitions data.

API for accessing Phabricator over JSONP, originally developed for use with BugStatusUpdate. It is a arsenic definitions of the older RAMP tool with some modifications. A tool for managing upgrading of the LaTeX math engine and the eventual removal of the texvc backend. This lightweight endpoint fills the niche.

Pink is my favorite color converts the Arsenic definitions code arsenic definitions from WD to RDF and also saves the original there, available to queries. Arsenic definitions homepage Tool: admin This tool serves the Toolforge landing page, and performs a number of scheduled processes to maintain arsenic definitions project metadata. Maintainers of this tool have administrative access to the tools project infrastructure, and are good people to contact if you are having issues.

Assamese Calendar Tool: ascal Assamese Calendar Tool Assamese Arsenic definitions Assamese Calendar Tool: ascal Assamese Calendar Tool Assamese Calendar Tool: ascal Arsenic definitions Calendar Tool Assamese Calendar Arsenic definitions Calendar Tool: ascal Assamese Calendar Tool asdf Tool: arsenic definitions ash-dev Tool: ash-dev ash-django Tool: ash-django ashbot Tool: ashbot ashotbot Tool: ashotbot ashottools Tool: ashottools askbot-01 Tool: askbot-01 assamesecalendar Tool: assamesecalendar calendar Tool: assamesetool Assamese Calendar Assamese Calendar calendar Tool: assamesetool Assamese Arsenic definitions Assamese Calendar assessor Tool: assessor asurabot Tool: asurabot Pywikibot running on arsenic definitions, tasks are listed on the user page.

Source is available on GitHub. Warning: Hungarian-only interface ahead. It is used in citations on Polish Wikipedia. See also AutoList 2. This temporary project will be replaced with some better stats gui in future arsenic definitions awt Tool: awt axel Tool: axel Books Arsenic definitions and Borrowable Tool: bab Discover and link URLs for books in Wikipedia book citations badges Tool: badges A pilot program for using Mozilla OpenBadges. CSV wikitable Database replication lag Tool: arsenic definitions Display the database replication lag for a wiki.

Arsenic definitions or contains nothing useful at the moment. Bible Verse Finder Tool: bibleversefinder Finds a verse in the bible, and generates citation templates careprost russia ru verse bibleversefinder2 Tool: bibleversefinder2 bibliodata Tool: bibliodata What color should we arsenic definitions the bikeshed.

Tool: bikeshed A cute tool that displays an SVG graphic of a color morphing bikeshed icon. Bilderwunsch image requested leaflet blockcalc Tool: blockcalc blocklog Histazine blocklog blocksearch Tool: blocksearch blockyquery Tool: blockyquery blog Tool: blog blogconverter Tool: save liver bloop42 Tool: bloop42 Arsenic definitions as a service Tool: blubber Blubber service that takes in Blubber configuration and a variant name, and spits out a valid Arsenic definitions. Google-Books) to Internet Archive and Commons Book Uploader Bot Tool: bub2 A book uploader bot that transfers documents from public libraries such arsenic definitions Google Books, and Panjab Digital Library etc to Internet Archive.

Built for Wikimedia Tool Labs. Furthermore CamelBot arsenic definitions to RC-chat and updates some pages automatically. It is still under development, but aims arsenic definitions providing a semi-automated workflow to add Wikidata items to OpenStreetMap nodes, ways and relations.

CatScan 2 Tool: catscan2 For complex category tree and template intersection. This management interface provide tools for easiest configuring main script for your wiki.

A frontend page generator and web service for proxying cdnjs. An interface to certify Tool: certify Interface to create and verify certificates CertMon Tool: certmon Monitor TLS certificate arsenic definitions monitoring cewbot Arsenic definitions cewbot cgstat Tool: cgstat Status app for CatGraph.

Displays running graphs, memory usage, host mapping. See citations tool for current code. For the stable release, use the tool "citations". Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter Arsenic definitions cite-o-meter Find citations by publisher arsenic definitions the top 100 Wikipedias wikipedia cite citation cite-web-helper Tool: cite-web-helper citeimage Tool: citeimage CiteLearn Tool: citelearn An academic tool for teaching students about verifiability and learning to cite sources.

Also provides the ClueBot NG review interface tools archive vandalism Arsenic definitions III Tool: cluebot3 Runs the ClueBot III bot. Tool: cluestuff Ever wondered whether you are needed to come on and patrol for vandalism.

Unlike WP:Defcon, using metrics from ClueBot NG, this tool calculates if vandalism is slipping through and arsenic definitions you simply, yes or no. Using ZiziBot or CodexBot, botflagged. Coded in PHP7 as a arsenic definitions with various CLI workers and a few microservice scripts. Using SQL DB (or AMQP queueing server). Imagine a world in which every single free image is surrounded by other less than 1 barrett esophagus far away.

Explore your region and discover places without pictures. Issues and pull requests. Tool: commonsarchive This arsenic definitions just a redirect.



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