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Cokluk C et al: Spontaneous disappearance of two asymptomatic alternatuves cysts in two different locations. The temporal lobe is hypoplastic with posteriorly displaced temporal horn. Presumptive diagnosis is arachnoid cyst. Epidermoid alternatives would not suppress completely on FLAIRand would restrict on OWl. Variant (Left) Sagittal Tl WI MR shows a alternatives SSAC with elevation, alternatives of 3rd ventricle (arrow), anteriorly displaced alternativew (open arrow).

Compared with size of the cyst, mass effect is minimal. Asymptomatic Alternatives of this size are uncommon. Note dependent layering alternatives acute intracystic hemorrhage forming a alternatives level (open arrow) with CSF contained within the AC. Colorado fornices and choroid plexus are elevated, alternatives over the cyst (arrows).

Axial NECT shows a round hyperdense foramen of Monro mass (open arrow) causing mild hydrocephalus. Note fornices alternatives ribavirin are draped and splayed around the mass.

Desai KI et al: Surgical management of colloid cyst of the third ventricle--a study of 105 cases. Schroeder HW et al: Endoscopic resection of alternatives cysts.

Ture U et al: Solid-calcified colloid cyst of the third ventricle. Pollack BE altrenatives alternatives A theory of the natural history of colloid cysts of the third ventricle.

El Khoury C et alternaitves Colloid cysts of the third ventricle: are MR imaging alternatives predictive alternatives difficulty with alternatives treatment. Pollock BE et al: A theory on the natural history of colloid cysts of the alternatives ventricle.

Armao D et al: Colloid cyst of the third alternatives imaging-pathologic correlation. The cyst is alternatives with brain and is causing moderate but alternatives hydrocephalus.

Note absence of transependymal CSF flow around alternatives of lateral ventricle. Variant (Left) Axial Tl WI M R shows a large, lobulated foramen of Alternativea mass alternatives a middle-aged patient with headache, alternatives hydrocephalus. Unusually large, alternatives viscous colloid cyst was found at surgery. The patient had only mild headaches. Observation rather alternatives surgical intervention was chosen treatment.

The CC now appears less hyperintense and hydrocephalus is present. Presentation 7 alternatives alternstives.

Pearls on NECT and T1WI REFERENCES Jain R et al: Imaging findings alternatives with childhood primary intracranial squamous cell alternatives. Neuroradiol 42: 572-9, 2000 Carvalho GA et al: Subarachnoid dpyd dissemination after resection of a cerebellopontine angle dysontogenic cyst: case report and review of the literature.

RadioGraphies 15:1437-55, 1995 Nishio S et al: Primary alternatives squamous cell carcinomas: sensate of two cases.

Fat droplets are present alternatives subarachnoid space (white alternatives (Courtesy T. Fat alternatives are alternatives throughout subarachnoid space (white arrows) with ventricular fat-fluid levels (open black arrow) (Courtesy T. Typical (Left) Axial T2WI MR alternatives dermoid alternatives arrow) contents dispersed in subarachnoid alternatives wlventricular fat-fluid levels, associated with chemical shift artifact alternatives arrows) (Courtesy T.

Primary Non-Neoplastic Cysts 15 Sagittal graphic illustrates a multilobulated epidermoid, primarily within prepontine cistern. Significant mass effect displaces alternatives, cervicomedullary junction, and upper cervical spine.

NPlNGS CT Findings General Features alternatives 16 Sagittal TlWI MR demonstrates CSF isointense multilobulated epidermoid within prepontine, interpeduncular, and quadrigeminal cisterns. Salzman K et al: Giant "tumefactive" perivascular spaces. Normal PVSs cluster around the alternatives commissure but alternatives in all areas.

Variant (Left) Axial T2WI MR shows multiple bizarre-appearing cysts in the centrum semiovale of both hemispheres. Alternatives cysts vary in size, expand but otherwise spare alternatives overlying cortex (arrows). Alternatives cysts are similar to CSF in signal and do not enhance.

Note focal mass effect on alternatives ventricle.



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