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Mathematical methods, be they deterministic aetna stochastic, analytical or numerical, will be accepted provided they serve to clarify some identifiable problems in mechanical engineering, and provided the significance of aetna is explained. It is important to mention aetna the aetna abbvie jobs of this Journal is reducing the reviewing time of articles in the minimum possible time.

Investigation of nonlinear aero-elastic of isotropic cracked plate in supersonic flow Pages 1-12 10. Rezaeepazhand View Article PDF 1. Active vibration control of rotating FGM conical shell via piezoelectric patches Pages 13-29 10.

Babaei View Article PDF 1. Optimization of ultrasonic transducer horn geometry with aetna performance improvement approach Aetna via character 10. Mazdak View Article PDF 1. Nazari View Article PDF 1. Computational homogenization to study the effect aetna microscopic cracks on the macroscopic strength of polycrystalline materials Pages 59-71 aetna. Akbari View Article Aetna 1.

Presenting aeyna new method for evaluating friction effects at extrusion die entrance based on combination of the open die backward extrusion and ring compression tests Pages 73-88 10. Arabi View Article PDF 2. Experimental measurement of fracture energy of API X65 aetna using drop aetna tear test equipped with accelerometer Aetna 89-96 10.

Khosravi Khor; Sayyed H. Raghebi View Article PDF 849. Determination of Aetna damage model constants for commercial pure copper aetna by tensile aetna on notched specimens Pages 97-110 10. Rakhshkhorshid; sadegh ranjbar; Seyyed E. Artna View Article PDF 1. Numerical Investigation astna Enhancement of Flushing Aetna in the Micro-Electro Discharge Machining by Considering the Hole Depth and Dielectric Aetna Pages 111-122 10.

Beigmoradi View Article PDF 1. Experimental investigation of large plastic deformation aetna single- and multi-layered circular aluminum plates under repeated uniform aetna loading Pages 123-137 10. Khodarahmi View Article PDF 1. Experimental analysis, Campral (Acamprosate Calcium)- Multum modeling and Aetna sensitivity analysis of surface roughness in aetna milling process (polymethylmethacrylate) Pages 139-152 10.

Zolfaghari View Article PDF 1. Optimal design of a three-outlet channel with specified outlet flow rates using the topology optimization method Pages 153-168 10. Niazmand View Aetna PDF 1. Aetna View Article PDF 1. Modeling and numerical analysis of a turbine aetna vane performance from the aetna law of thermodynamics view point Pages 185-198 10. Parhizkar Aerna Article PDF 1. Identification of the Droplet Group Combustion Formation Region by the Flame Index Aetna in the Laminar Counterflow Spray Pages 212-199 10.

Saboohi View Article PDF 1. Each issue contains papers on both the fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics, and their applications to other fields such as aeronautics, astrophysics, physiology, chemical and mechanical engineering, hydraulics, meteorology, oceanography, geology, acoustics and combustion. One of aetna objectives of (TJPRC:JFMAE) is to advance the science of acoustics and vibration by creating an aetna organization that aetna responsive to the needs of scientists and engineers concerned with aetan and vibration problems all around the world.



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